Season 2 Panel Judging Day

After months of receiving posters through our season 2 Call-for-Entries, the time finally came for our panel of judges to do their part and decide which posters would move on to the next round.

Four esteemed judges, including representatives from the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club of Boston, came together to decide which 25 of the top 100 posters would make up our semi-finalists group and ultimately be donated to our season 2 non-profit beneficiary: The Blue Hills Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

The first pass of judging began with all 100 posters set out across 10 tables. Judges had the opportunity to vote for as many posters as they liked by dropping a marble in a cup next to each poster. Posters that received a marble remained on the table for further considerations while posters that did not receive a marble from any of the judges were eliminated.

The second pass was much more grueling. The judges were almost too ruthless with their decisions, narrowing down the chosen posters to only 15. In order to get to the magic number of 25, the chosen 15 posters were set aside while the previously eliminated posters were placed back on the table for additional review. After an hour of in-depth debate, the judges unanimously agreed upon 10 more posters which brought the total to 25 as required.

Throughout the judging day, a select group of local contestants were given the opportunity to witness the judging process. The group made up our Peanut Gallery and actively took notes and photographic accounts of the process. They documented not only what went on, but also their feelings throughout the event. We look forward to seeing what they came up with to represent their experience!

The Top 25 posters will be announced to the public on January 25.

Check out our Poster Show events below for the chance to see these posters up close and personal, and vote your favorites in to the Top 10!

Boston Poster Show
Date: Saturday February 25, 2012
LocationFourthwall Project Gallery 

LA Poster Show
Date: Thursday March 8, 2012
LocationThink Tank Gallery