The Poster Show 2012–Boston Recap

This past Saturday, February 25th, was the Boston leg of the Poster Show 2012 (next Thursday March 8th will be our second event held in LA). We learned a few things from our event last year (we didn’t even come close to running out of voting cards!) and we tried plenty of new things this year that really added a lot to the experience. Those of you just looking to find out the Boston Top 10 have already scrolled down, so read on to see some highlights from installation and the big night!

Preparation for the Poster Show began Friday evening, where Team Say Something gathered at the Fourth Wall Gallery to plan the next day’s event and frame some finalist posters. Framing was painstaking work, as we wanted to take every measure possible to ensure our finalist’s posters were displayed as best as possible.

Preparing the posters was a big job and we wrapped up a bit after midnight, tired but pleased with the fact that we wouldn’t have to see a frame again for another year (or a couple of weeks for those of us unlucky enough to have to do the job again for our LA show).

Saturday prep started bright and early, and we immediately got to work tidying up, organizing supply runs, and planning the order of events up to the start of the show at 7:25pm. This year, Joe Morris of Joem Design was kind enough to volunteer his services and create a beautiful hanging sign reminiscent of the posters we were working so hard to get up on the walls. The sign was impressive, and took a good amount of brains, time and effort to assemble and install.

Click here for the non-Flash version of our event photo gallery.

 The day was spent with volunteers running around, hanging frames, cleaning the gallery, going out on food and supply runs, and other thankless tasks. We absolutely could not have done it without them. We were completely ready when 7:25pm rolled around, with plenty of High & Mighty Beer to hand out and VitaminWater coolers set up around the gallery to keep our voters and finalists plenty hydrated.

 This year we also started a new poster category called, “Staff Picks.” This is a group of 5 posters that Team Say Something loved so much, we wanted to share them with the Say Something community despite having not made it to the Top 25. While they are no longer in the competition or eligible for the prizes, we thought they were definitely worthy to be displayed at the gallery events.

 One of the most popular features of the night was the exhibition by guest contributors, MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech Group. Their interactive paper-based designs delighted and surprised the crowds, and we look forward to seeing more of their engaging work at their website.

 The crowds steadily flowed in for the hours. Plenty had RSVP’d, but many had just come in off the street, attracted by the gorgeous artwork and the smell of free snacks and beer. The votes came in continuously all night, and by the time 11:25 rolled around we had collected hundreds of votes. And here we are, the moment of truth: the Boston semi-finalists.

Note that while all Top 25 semi-finalists will receive a printed copy of their poster as a prize for their hard work and skill, only the Top 10 Finalists (determined by the cumulative votes of both our Boston and LA shows) will receive the grand prize packages made up of publication subscriptions, design-related books, and stock photography sets (for more information see our Call-for-Entries).

The Boston Top “10”

And so, the Boston event votes have been tabulated. This year we had a 2-way tie for 10th place, so we have below (in no particular order) the Boston Top 11 semi-finalists:

Smile by Lisa Wallace
Grow by Gabrielle Kozera
Different is Good by Stephen Bramwell
Keep the Momentum by Chris Piascik
Dust by Lindsay Henry
Destination by Joseph Alessio
Collaboration by Phil Pham
Be a Lamp or a Lifeboat or a Ladder by Olivea Pearl Kelly
Point of View by Dan Shin
9 Ways by Jacob Fletcher
Free Your Mind by Brigid Griffin

We congratulate the Boston Top 11 and look forward to seeing which posters the voters of Los Angeles believe belong among the Season 2 Finalists.

In the meantime, if you took photos at our Boston event, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page or email them to
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