Big Plans for Season Three

So it’s been a few months since our Season Two Finalists were announced. You, the Say Something Community, may have thought we were taking a much-needed and deserved vacation. Not so, my friends! We’ve been hard at work dissecting our last season, setting new goals and planning the third year of the Poster Project.

Asking Youth First

In the past, much of our focus has gone toward the Call For Entries and judging process. As we talked about improving the third season, we realized how much we didn’t know about the youth perspective or what messages they wanted to see in the posters they received. We quickly decided that to have more impact (a fundamental goal of Season Three) we needed to incorporate the youth perspective from the very beginning of our season.

A Restructured Season

Our third season will start with an “Engaging Youth” period. We will work with teenagers/young adults to craft a theme and give them the first opportunity to share their opinions. From there, we will engage the creative community to be “collaborators” and translate youth-generated content (speeches, poems, videos, drawings, etc…) into engaging and impactful posters.

Additionally we will increase outreach to engage independent artists, design agencies and organizations to form a strong community of poster submissions. These efforts will culminate in a one-day “Poster Summit” where designers, youth from surrounding communities, and professionals working in youth services will share their views on youth issues and the future of art and design.

Adjusting our Timeline

What was formally known as our Call For Entries period will not take place in the fall. Instead, a Call for Collaborators will open in spring of 2013. With this adjusted timeline, we will make sure to announce all the important information in advance (and for those of you operating on a academic calendar, we will make sure not to conflict with your finals)!